Sunday, 5 April 2015

how do you visual critical literacy now?

       I have learned many things in this subject. It has been nearly three months and all of the information that I was taught by my lecturer which is Madam Nor Rubayah and Madam Zariati,  I had digested it and have applied it to all of the work and tasks that I was given. Before learning this subject, I was nervous but very excited at the same time as I am  eager to learn


      However, I do believe this subject would be based more on reading books like old English Classic, poems or just any fiction books as opposed to always be doing based on the current issues. i also believe that after watching an English movie and analyze the movie, it will  open my mind to think critically. 

         So it has honestly been a good challenge and a good experience learning this subject and hopefully maybe in the future I am able to apply all the things that I have digested and used them for my future learning.

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