Saturday, 4 April 2015

If money were the only criterion by which a child's welfare can be gauged, then a baby bought for as much as rm 40,000 on the black market would seem set for life. for money rich but child-poor couples, it as a small price to pay to introduce a small life into their home. the cot is gilded, the blanket monogrammed, the college fund filled to the brim. all that's wanting is a bun in the oven. and where there is a baby-for-sale racket, money can indeed buy happiness. and after all, why not? " ( NST, MARCH 3, 2013)

     My view about the statement is it make sense for child welfare but it have pros and cons. people should take this as an easy way to have a child. for a married couple or for women who can't pregnant they need to find another way to get the child. for example , they can get it by adopt. this is the proper way to get child instead of buy it from the black market. 

      adoption benefits everyone. many of the benefits are helpful to the family. other benefits come to the child who is being placed for adoption. adoption actually can bring a positive ending to a problem situation and can benefit everyone involved. let's look what is the benefits of adoption instead of buy child from a black market. first benefit is we can rescue the child. when a good family adopts a child, he receives the love and support necessary to have a good childhood and they also can get to experience the peace of a functional family life with their adoptive families.

     other than that , by get child from adoption it can reduce the number of abandoned  baby, one of the reason why  abandoned baby happen because some family can't take care of their child because of financial problem. so by getting child or baby by adopt , the number of abandoned can be reduce. 
     i disagree for those married couple get a child from black market. this is because by using black market actually can increase the number of crime. i believe that if the number of demand increase it can lead to the crime like kidnap. this is the way to get the child easily and sale it in the black market and gain more profit. other than that, by using black market to get a child we don not know what is the purpose of the family buy the child. maybe some of them buy it to do a certain job or use them to sell drug or anything  

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