Friday, 3 April 2015

You Heard Comments and maybe grievances from your senior about Critical Literacy , but what is/are your expectation (s) or hope for this subject as you are just started

  To start it off, I'd like to write about the things rumoured from the previous batch which is my seniors about Critical Literacy. I can honestly say that I was certifiable scared but conspire at the same time when the majority of them claim that this subject would be a killer, and that you need to give your absolute 100% in order to properly understand what needs to be done and how to get it done. They also mentioned that this subject will make you go mad .

Now, I would  like to state that I agree with what my senior say about this subject.  It is a very time arresting subject. You need to start working do your work a few weeks earlier. Take this for example, I had just finished my first assignment which was given early march and I did not start on it till one weeks before it was due.  I regret not starting on it earlier. However, I thank God it was one weeks instead of three days so I had time to read my articles properly and analyze it, look for what is a necessary to put in my work and eliminate parts that are not. So basically what I'm trying to say is that I should have never procrastinated on my work because this subject really needs all the time that we were given in order to get the work done .

My expectations or hope for this subject is I  can pass this subject or get an A.  I hoped to have fun learning and understanding the different techniques that I was going to be taught and I expected it to be challenging. Well it did, it reached my expectations and beyond. So far up till today, I am still enjoying studying this subject and learning new things. other than that, i also hope that i can master the rules of ten that have been tought by Madam Nor Rubayah


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